My Books

I am currently writing a series of books. The first one is done and the second is half done.

Book I
Mark of the Essence

Two women on separate journeys whose fates become entwined. One trying to discover her clouded past, the other trying to protect her uncertain future.

All Genevieve wanted that night was to make a quick trip to the grocer's and have a nice quiet dinner at home She headed to a new store, equipped with coupons and the expectation of acquiring cheap produce. What she got instead was a trip into another dimension. When she finally gets her bearings, Genevieve is mistaken for the kingdom’s missing royal mystic, the Essence Heart, a prize coveted by both the king and the organization sworn to dethrone him. In her attempt to flee the warring forces, Genevieve meets Kora.

Kora is an assassin, a fearless predator of the night. Alone not by choice, but by design. But her fate and future are altered when a man from her past convinces her to run from the Sisterhood that’s held her hostage her entire life. But, in this bleak, futuristic world, where each person’s fate is determined before birth and marked on their skin for all to see, quitting your job is slightly more difficult then handing in a resignation letter.

It’s even more difficult when your fate seems tied to the most wanted woman in the kingdom. And as Genevieve uncovers more about her past, Kora’s keeps returning to haunt her. Can either woman really change their fates? Or are their marks more than just skin deep?

Mark of the Essence is a fantasy novel, complete at 99,000 words, and set in a world of magic and high technology.

Read the first chapter of Mark of the Essence here.

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Book II
Mark of the Flame

This book follows our heroines and their friends through the second half of their story. It's only half done, so I'm not sure how it ends yet. The story was originally going to be one book, but it was too long so I broke it into two parts. I'll post more about it when I'm done writing it, which will hopefully soon!

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Book III
Mark of the Blood

This book is going to be a continuation of the second book and a prequel to the series. It will follow Kora the assassin and will tell the story of her life after the first two books and her back-story as well. The plot of this book also has a lot to do with how the second book ends. So, I'll also update this section once the second book is done.